Our Association

THANK YOU, to the current board members listed to the right who graciously volunteer many hours of their time every month and sometimes every day to make sure we live in a safe and beautiful neighborhood. Each member takes their position very seriously, and together the decisions they make are based on diligent research to uphold the covenants to the best of their ability. Their goal is to continue to maintain the commonly shared amenities and enhance the overall property values of each and every home in Avalon.


After being elected at the annual meeting, each board member serves a three-year term. The terms are staggered with a few to expire each year to maintain the overall continuity of knowledge and experience.

There are many areas in which you can serve in your neighborhood. If you are interested in chairing or serving on any of the above committees, please contact Home-Land Neighborhood Management. Your ideas are always welcome in making Avalon a better place to live, let us know if you have any new ideas or suggestions on how we can better serve Avalon.

Home-Land Neighborhood Management


Our association is professionally managed by Home-Land Neighborhood Management, LLC. HLNM manages all day-to-day activities of the association and provides advice to the HOA on matters that concern the property owners of Avalon. They are also responsible for collecting annual assessments used to provide landscaping, irrigation, lighting, insurance, and other association needs. HLNM may be contacted at 601-326-7325 or info@homelandmgt.com.

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Decal Program

In an effort to promote a safe neighborhood, the Avalon Homeowner’s Association has implemented a neighborhood decal program. This type of identifying decal is widely used by many neighborhoods as an effective safety measure. This is a very simply step that provide both residents and law enforcement an easy way of knowing what cars belong and more important, which cars do not belong.

As part of this program, the association initially provided each
home with 2 decals. While some residents only have a single car,
we recognize that many residents own more than two cars.

For replacement decals, please contact info@homelandmgt.com or 601-326-7325.

Please place the sticker on the passenger side (right) bottom corner of your rear window as a preferred location, with an alternate at the right side of the rear bumper. This will provide an easy way to identify the sticker for both residents and law enforcement.


While this program is completely voluntary, we strongly encourage everyone’s participation! At the end of the day, we all want to ensure that Avalon continues to be a great and safe place to live.

Quick Reference Facts

Household pets may be kept, provided that such are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose.  All pets should be kept on a leash when outdoors in accordance with the Rankin County Leash Law.

Homeowners Association Meetings are held in the clubhouse.  Please watch for the signs that are posted at the entrance and the clubhouse indicating date and time of meetings. Please make every effort to attend to know what is happening in your neighborhood and be able to express your views and concerns.  Your attendance and input are very important and much appreciated.

All plans to build or place any ancillary structure, fencing or install less than the minimum landscaping must be submitted to and approved by the Avalon Homeowners Association.  Paint colors must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. 

For more helpful facts regarding our
association, please click here.

2021/2022 Board Members

Erik Case

Joy Dawson 
Vice-President / Covenants


LeAnna Torres 

Treasurer / Social

Grace Applewhite

Sarah Green


Rosemary McElroy

Welcome Committee Chair

Clint Tankersley

Landscaping Chair






Please feel free to contact Home-Land Neighborhood Management with questions, concerns and suggestions. We too are residents and would like to know your thoughts on how to improve our neighborhood.