Here you can find a quick answer to some of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have additional questions, please refer to the covenants or contact us.


What if I want to build a fence?
All privacy fencing materials and location must be approved by the Architectural Control Board.  Fencing materials must be of treated wood and conform to the height and design as specified by the Architectural Control Board.   Chain-link, cyclone, or other wire fencing is not permitted.  (Please review Article I, Section 9 and of the Covenants)


What if I want to build a storage building?
All storage building (outbuildings) must be within a back yard fully enclosed by privacy fencing. The building cannot exceed a height of seven (7) feet tall. The Architectural Control Board must approve the building or construction of the building. Please contact the Architectural Control Board to begin the process. (Please review Article VI and Article I, Section 1, 7 &11 of the Covenants)


What if I want to make cosmetic or physical changes to the exterior of my house or build an addition?
Any physical additions or changes, including painting (and paint colors), to your home must be approved by the Architectural Control Board. This includes the construction of gazebos, patio covers, etc. Please contact the Architectural Control Board to begin the process. (Please review Article I, Sections 1, 7, 29 & 12 of the Covenants)


Are there expectations for the appearance of my lot?
The appearance of each lot is expected to be in high quality condition and maintained regularly. The grass, flowers and shrubbery must be kept in orderly fashion. Grass, weeds and vegetation on each lot must be kept mowed regularly by the owner as to maintain the same neat and attractive manner. Any dead vegetation must be promptly removed. If the owner fails to maintain their lot as described above AHOA will have the work completed and the owner will be responsible for the costs involved. (Please review Article I, Section 15 of the Covenants)


If someone's pets are running free, to whom do I report this?
Please try to contact the owner, but if this is not possible or the owner is a repeat offender contact Rankin County Animal Control at 601-824-2024.  Flowood does have a leash law so pets should be on a leash. (Article I, Section 20 of the Covenants)


May I leave a camper, camper trailer or boat parked in my driveway or on the street?
Campers, camper trailers, recreational vehicles, boats and/or boat trailers and trucks shall be stored within the confines of the carport or garage, or behind privacy fencing.  All automobiles and other motor vehicles must be stored in the confines of a garage or driveway.  Parking in the streets is strictly prohibited, excepting a 3-day limit, to accommodate guests of homeowners.   (Please review Amended Article VII, Section 21 of the Covenants)


Are there penalties and fees associated with covenant violations?
Yes.  AHOA works closely with Home-Land Neighborhood Management  to enforce our covenants and fining those who violate the covenants based on the fee schedule. All legal fees associated with covenant violations are also the responsibility of the violator. (Please review Article II, Sections 2 of the Covenants)


Are political signs or any other type of signs allowed in my yard?
No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot without consent of the HOA, except one sign of not more than six (6) square feet advertising the property for sale or rent, or signs used by a building contractor to advertise the property during the construction and sales period, said sign to be located within the confines of the lot. (Please review Article I, Section 23 of the Covenants)


How do I report a covenant violation?
Feel free to speak with the person to see if the situation can be taken care of. If you do not feel that you can approach the offender, contact Home-Land Management at 601-326-7325.


How much are the annual assessments and how can they be paid?
Annual assessments are due semi-annually on January and July 1st of each calendar year.   Contact Home-Land Neighborhood Management at 601-326-7325 or email payments@homelandmgt.com if you have any questions concerning your account. Note annual amounts in Assessments portion of website.