Clubhouse Address: 341 Avalon Way, Brandon, MS 39047


Booking of Clubhouse


Please click here to view the clubhouse availability. 

Only residents may book the clubhouse.

Residents must be current on assessments to be eligible. Please feel free to contact Homeland Neighborhood Management (HLNM) at or 601-326-7325 to confirm your zero balance.

If you are a resident and are current on your assessments, please complete and submit the application on this website: Our Association, Document Library, Clubhouse Application form.

Clubhouse rental does not include use of the pool.  This may cause over crowding at the pool and can lead to dangerous situations.  IF ANY MEMBER OF YOUR PARTY ARE FOUND TO BE USING THE POOL WHILE THE CLUBHOUSE IS RESERVED UNDER YOUR NAME, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT AND BE FINED $100.00.

Exercise Room

Access to the Exercise Room

1. Access to the Exercise Room is controlled by the same card that is used to access the pool gate.

2. To access the Exercise Room, you must sign an agreement for the use of the room. Please contact Charles Stewart at (601) 287-1257 to sign the agreement.

3. Cards are deactivated on February 15th and August 15th if you are not current on your January and July assessments.

4. If you have signed the agreement and your access has been granted, and your card stops working, make sure you are current on your assessments by calling HLNM at (601) 326-7325. 

5. Should your card be deactivated, it will be reactivated on the 15th of the month following the payment of all amounts due the AHOA.

6. If you have any further questions concerning the access system or exercise room, call Charles Stewart (601) 287-1257.

Swimming Pool




*No glass containers or food, alcohol allowed
*Dispose of empty containers and trash in cans outside weight room

*Proper swimwear required
*No diapered babies in pools
*Do not enter pools with open sores, communicable diseases, or health problems that would endanger others
*Pets or wheeled vehicles prohibited in pool area
*Guests must be accompanied by Avalon resident
*No small toys, chewing gum, sun oil or hairpins allowed
*No pushing, shoving, running or rough play in pools or pool area
*Rescue equipment not for play


Neighborhood Park


Avalon Park Rules

Hours:  Dawn to Dusk

  • Use at your risk

  • Follow restrictions posted on equipment and elsewhere

  • Parents must monitor own children

  • Guests must be accompanied by Avalon resident

  • Neither park or amenities can be reserved or rented

  • Our safe family atmosphere allows no alcohol or tobacco use, rough play or illegal activities, or glass containers

  • No animals or wheeled vehicles are allowed within the fence, except for service dogs and baby strollers

  • Surveillance and random patrols in effect

  • Violators of these rules and those who damage any AHOA property are subject to prosecution